Chiropractors are usually quite good at explaining their process and techniques to their patients without using complicated terminology. However, there are some terms that chiropractors use in their profession that may be interesting to understand.

Chiropractors essentially use specific amounts of force to promote proper spine alignment for increased functionality in the nervous system. Some terms that they use include subluxation, adjustment and manipulation.

“Subluxation” for medical doctors means a partial dislocation of a vertebrae, which is quite serious and can lead to paralysis or death, but for chiropractors a subluxation is for any kind of misalignment between vertebrae either in the joint itself or the soft tissue.

“Adjustments” are the main treatment that chiropractors employ to realign joint subluxations and is often done by applying force to the joints in question with their hands. This is a skill that takes careful training and cannot just be done by anyone.

“Manipulation” is a general term that includes adjustments as well as massage, exercise and physical therapy and is categorized into different levels of manipulations. Spinal manipulations are only allowed to be performed by licensed chiropractors, not by massage therapists or personal trainers, etc.

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